Call for Papers

1st International Linked Startup Workshop @ the 15th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC)
October 17th, 2016, Kobe, Japan

Twitter: @linked_startup #LinkedStartup2016


In recent years, Linked Data technologies have started to gain traction within many established enterprises. Innovative businesses founded on Linked Data technologies, however, are still scarce. This is unfortunate, because startup businesses stimulate innovation, drive technological change, and spur economic growth. Taking our inspiration from the international startup culture which has emerged not just in Silicon Valley, but cities like Austin, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Toronto, London, Dublin, Berlin etc., we propose a workshop to discuss Startups in the area of Linked Data technologies. The objectives of the workshop are twofold: (i) to provide a platform for presenting innovative startup ideas where Linked Data technologies help to solve real-world problems and (ii) to present success and failure stories to encourage discussion on the specific opportunities and challenges that startups are facing in this domain. To this end, we solicit a wide range of perspectives on technological, economic, legal, and market factors affecting Linked (Open) Data ventures.


Linked Data startup proposals

We are particularly interested in exploring:
  • Open Data business models in the Linked Open Data ecosystem
  • New business models for commercial use of Linked Open Data
  • Emerging Linked Closed Data business models
  • Linked Enterprise Data business models
Linked Data startup proposals should address questions such as the following:
  • What problem do you plan to solve (better) with Linked Data and/or Semantic -Web technologies
  • What is the status quo of the solutions to the problem?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the novel aspects of your proposal?
  • What is the potential social, environmental, and economic impact?
  • How viable is your proposal in terms of technological and economic capacity?

Linked Data startup case studies (succeeded or failed)

We are particularly interested in exploring:
  • Challenges for Linked Data product and service development
  • Barriers for Linked Data product and service adoption
  • Business opportunities in emerging Linked Data value chains
  • Drivers of Linked Data product and service adoption
  • Technological and standardization gaps
  • Use of business development methods (business model canvas, lean startup, etc.) for Linked Data startups
  • Lessons learned from being a Linked Data startup
Linked Data startup case studies should address questions such as the following:
  • What problem are you or did you intend to solve better with Linked Data and/or Semantic Web technologies?
  • Who are/were your competitors?
  • Which are the main challenges you are/were facing?
  • Why did your idea succeed/fail?

Format and Submission Procedure

The objectives of the workshop are twofold: to foster startup ideas and to encourage discussion around business drivers and opportunities and to identify potential barriers from both a technological and a standardisation perspective. In order to promote such discussion we propose three types of submissions, all of them either in short paper (2-4 pages) format (suggested template: Springer LNCS) or presentation slides.

Linked Data Startup Pitch:
Present your Linked Data startup idea and business model. Submissions to this category qualify for the LD startup challenge that will be held during the workshop.

Linked Data Startup Success Stories:
Share the story of your successful Linked Data Startup.

Linked Data Startup Post Mortem Studies:
Share the story on why your Linked Data Startup (idea) did not succeed.

Contributions must be submitted via the workshop submission system
available at:

Important Dates

July 7, 2016 July 14, 2016– Paper submission deadline
July 31, 2016 – Author notifications
October 17, 2016 – LinkedStartup 2016 Workshop