Call for LinkedStartup Pitches at ISWC 2017

Held at Business Event “Semantics in the Field” @ ISWC 2017
October 23, 2017
Vienna, Austria

Recently, Linked Data, semantic technologies and knowledge graphs have been adopted in various enterprise application scenarios and found their way into a wide range of products and services. This has sparked a first generation of startups that have successfully demonstrated the business potential of semantic technologies in various fields. To support this development, the inaugural Linked Startup workshop held at ISWC 2016 created a platform for the Semantic Web community to share innovative startup ideas, discuss and develop business models, and receive feedback and mentoring from successful founders.

At this year’s International Semantic Web Conference, we will provide an even larger platform to pitch innovative startup ideas in a new format. If you attend ISWC 2017 and have an innovative “semantic” business idea – or are already in the process of developing it – don’t miss out on the opportunity to pitch it at the business event “Semantics in the Field”. This event will showcase innovative applications and solutions and bring together semantic web researchers and the business community – from local entrepreneurs to large multi-national enterprises. With this new format, you will receive insight into the work of successful companies in the field and be able to pitch your ideas to a diverse and highly relevant target audience. The event will also provide ample opportunity for networking.


Submission Procedure

To pitch your startup idea and business model, please submit a deck of 3 slides (max.) and a short description of your idea to In case you decide to go without slides/use slides only as a visual backdrop, please also provide a brief written summary of your idea, discussing aspects such as problem, solution, business model, competition, unique technical capacity, viability, potential social/environmental/economic impact, etc. If your submission qualifies, you will have 3 minutes to pitch your idea at the event.


Important Dates

September 30, 2017 – Submit slidedeck/description

October 10, 2017  – Acceptance notifications

October 23, 2017 – LinkedStartup 2017 pitches